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    Heart Shaved Box - Jeff O'Brien 5/5 Stars

     I've been waiting for this for quite awhile. I saw the cover and thought hey, that chick looks like a sluttier version of Velma from Scooby-Doo. The book took awhile to come out. Seems Jeff had writers block or something. He also got a new dog which probably delayed the process a bit too. After what seemed like an eternity started writing again and the book was finally finished. He was kind enough to give me an advanced copy to review and as I stared at that sexy cover I wondered if they writer's block messed with his head. Is this going to suck? What if it sucks?

     The good news here is that Box doesn't suck. Not one bit. For O'Brien fans that's a good thing, and this may actually be the best book he's written so far. It's also his most offensive. If you're at all squeamish when people make fun of religion, talk about vaginas, and sex, well you are going to hate Heart Shaved Box. This one starts out pretty straight forward and them as novel winds down it seems as if he's lost his mind, or maybe had one of his dogs sit down and write some of this. I bet it was Falcor, he looks like the kind of dog that would write a book like this,


      Despite the offensiveness of the plot this is a lot of fun to read. That's just Jeff's style. While it may seem as if he's trying hard to offend you, he's just a guy writing some decent  B-rate fiction that moves quickly and  keeps you entertained. He's the kind of writer that doesn't follow the normal rules of fiction and that's what makes him such a good writer. Box is at times laugh out loud funny and absurd. It's not for everyone and Jeff doesn't try and be something he isn't. He creates characters that you sometimes cringe at, but then you end up cheering for them. How many books do you know that poke fun at Catholicism, and throw in some lesbian sex? Not too many. Heart Shaved Box is a book that you either love or hate. There's no middle ground.  He never plays it safe, and writes whatever the hell he wants, and I say thank God that Jeff writes this kind of stuff. We need guys like this to keep us entertained and show us that we shouldn't take everything so damn seriously. God Bless you Jeff for keeping the American dream alive. I still think Falcor wrote this though.