The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo - Amy Schumer 3/5

      Hi, I'm Michael, and I'm a fan of Amy Schumer. I know, I know I hear what you're saying; "You're a fan of Carlin, Hicks, Kinison! You can't seriously find Amy Schumer funny!" I do, and yeah, it surprised me too, but when I heard about the book I wanted to read it because Amy's funny and the book should prove a little interesting. I ignored all the reviews because they all pretty much said the same thing. No help at all. If you're a fan, you'll like the book, and if you're not, well you won't. It's that simple. It's not even a biography just some essays, but they aren't bad. Quite a few of them are pretty damn funny. At times it did feel as if she were trying too hard to remind people that she's just like everyone else, but let's be honest and say that she's not, and hasn't been for quite some time.

     The book is exactly what you'd expect. We get to know a lot about Schumer and her problem with blacking out, we learn about her vagina, and yeah, if you're a guy try reading the part where you learn that she has an innie and she's not talking about her belly button. It's one of those moments where you stop reading and all you can think about is Amy Schumer's vag. She also talks about some more personal issues and then we get to go into her stuffed animal collection which you can pretty much skip. It's an entertaining book that will make laugh and cringe at the same time. It's not written to make you a fan or learn more about her as a person. It's just not that type of book. What we do get is actually a bit surprising.

      While it's nowhere perfect, it's not that bad either. She does tackle some serious issues, but then she's right back to being funny again which is exactly what she's paid to do. It's a novel written by a comedienne. You condense down the best bits into book form. Some can do it while others flail away helplessly as they lose momentum. Schumer has written a book that will make you laugh, and also cringe which you really don't expect in a book like this. I have actually read worse and probably will again. I also am proud of myself for not talking about how hot she is. Not once.