Amnesia - Matt Hickman 5/5 stars


          Matt Hickman owes me some sleep. I stayed awake to finish Amnesia and by the time it was all over it was almost three in the morning, and I blame Matt because Amnesia is the sort of novel that allows you to think you know what's going to happen and then you realize that you're wrong and it sucks. No one likes to be wrong especially when you're reading a book and you think you know what's going to happen, but then the author decides to throw in a massive twist. It's a great novel that gives you just a hint of what's to come. The biggest question here is why do these people have amnesia? What's going on that we're not being told. Not only is this a decent plot but you have well drawn characters that are stuck together for what's supposed to be a simple drug trial. You know something is going to happen and when it does it's shocking and totally unexpected.

      The thing is that Matt Hickman is a talented author that knows exactly how to pace his story. In such a short time he has written some solid work and Amnesia may in fact be his best yet. This is a formula that we've seen before, but Matt takes us in a new direction and gives us something a bit more sinister. We know that we shouldn't trust the government or any promise of easy money. It seems like such a harmless novel until the storm hits and then all breaks loose. That slow thread of tension slowly stretches out and then it just snaps and we're plunged into total mayhem. Sometimes it's the timing that makes a story so good and Matt has amazing timing. He's like a dude fishing and he sees us swimming along and before we know it he's reeling us in and there's no escape. All we can do is hang on and wait for the ride to end.

        Fans of horror will no doubt enjoy the hell out of this because it's well written and has just enough violence to please those who like their horror a bit violent. Just when you think that there's nothing original or new in horror a guy like Matt shows up and blows the doors off. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next, but the question is can he top Amnesia? Doesn't matter because Matt is certainly an author to watch and no matter what he writes it's going to be one you should check out.