I'm a dude and I read a Kasey Hill book!

 Firefly Of Immortality (The Guardians Of Light Book 1) - Kasey Hill 4/5 stars

     When Kasey gave me a copy to review I was stoked because I thought that her take on the Wizard of Oz mythos was pretty damn cool. She should a lot of promise and easily became a writer to watch for. Now we have Firefly and the premise is cool as hell. I wanted to read this and you should despite my awarding this four stars. It's a book worth reading, but the problem is that I'm a dude and this is clearly not a market that this book was intended for. If you're into young adult fiction with a bit of cheese, then this is for you. If you're like me and don't like young adult fiction with a bit of cheese you should avoid this and find something you do like.

      To be perfectly honest I love Kasey's writing style and her characters. These are complex and well thought out which is essential in a book like this. If you have characters that don't pull you into the story then there's no point in reading it. It's clear that she has grown more confident as a writer and has the talent to elevate the young adult market. This is perfect for those that want a bit of edge with their romance. Firefly is unique and doesn't follow the same ideas that most of these books follow, It's a well thought out novel, that shows that Kasey has talent. I could have easily just awarded this one star for not being in my comfort zone, but the thing is that Kasey is a writer to pay attention to. Young adult fiction needs people like her to take a few risks and move the genre forward. Not many dudes are going to review this and that makes total sense, but I'm not most dudes.

     It's a great beginning to a series that shows a lot of promise. I know that when the second book is released I'll groan and whine a bit, but I'll read it and roll my eyes at some cheesy dialogue, but as long as the story is interesting I'll keep reading. Now if you'll excuse me I need to read something manly.