America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter To Freedom 4/5 stars

      I saw this at my local library and the title alone caught my attention. Based on that alone I had to read it . The premise is simple and not as daunting as most people would expect. Michael and Meghan aren't trying to change your opinions at all and only offer up their insight throughout their road trip in a smelly RV.  How would this play out? These are two people on opposite sides of the the political spectrum on the road to discuss politics. The thing is that the politics of course come up, but to quote from The Dude: It's just like their opinion man. If you're not into politics all that much you may or may not hate this book, or if you're expecting it to explain why this country's so screwed up you may end up hating this book. 

      It's more about their trip and how they interact with one another. That's what the book is really about. Meghan is surprisingly not as annoying as I thought she'd be. There was a few moments when my gag reflex kicked in and I rolled my eyes at not just her beliefs but how she can come off  as this God fearing person and drink as much as she does.  There is a lot of drinking in this book and for the record, Meghan is pretty damn hot. 

           Michael is laid back and seems to be at ease throughout the whole trip. While there are discussions and arguments they aren't the type where anyone gets offended for long and eventually everyone is happy and drinking again. He's the voice of reason and when Meghan goes off on one of her reasons why she believes in what she does he's there to remind us that we shouldn't take ourselves to seriously. We all have a tendency to do that though. 

         Overall it's a book that actually gets you thinking a little about politics, but it's not in your face, or overly offensive. These are two people of different political affiliations traveling across the country together and along the way they do meet some interesting people. Regardless of your party there's quite a bit here to make you laugh and even cringe. It's not one of those over the top political books that goes out of its way to make you feel like an asshole or an idiot. If anything, it's a way to look at both sides in a lighthearted manner. Will you learn anything? Maybe, maybe not, but it's a book that you can read and laugh at and then take back to the library and maybe, just maybe you'll read Meghan's book simply because she's hot, and you want to learn more about her.