Gore Carnival Part 2

     The  Intermission Book 2 (Gore Carnival Box Set) - Various Authors 5/5 stars

      I have to tell you that when I think of an intermission I'm thinking about a break. A chance to stretch your legs a little, hit the bathroom, and grab the snacks. At the Gore Carnival it's not a break from anything. In fact, book one was really just a taste of what's in store for you in later books. Intermission is truly not for the easily offended and offers only one mild story in the form of Let's Go To The Circus. It's an interesting take on the already tired zombie genre and focuses on clowns. It's stories like these that I enjoy the most because it takes something we have fond memories of and promptly destroys it. This is not for those who have coulrophobia or have tickets to the circus any time soon, It's a great story that sets the pace for the rest of Intermission.

     In this volume you have stories that are truly disturbing but just when you think you're safe you have a story called Splatter Cake that will make you think twice about going to your local bakery. I love splatterpunk as well as stories that make you feel a little uncomfortable. That's not a bad thing given the task set up by the publisher. I can only imagine what the rejected stories contained. There were a lot of new faces here and I loved each and every story, but my favorite by far was Stay Most by Rob Glasgow. I'm a huge fan of Full House and reading a story that contains a Full House reference grabs my attention. It was a well written piece that truly threw me for a loop especially when you have clowns armed with dildos. Yeah, just when you think you can face a clown this guy arms them with dildos. Thanks Rob.

     Intermission is a wild and insane ride that contains not a clunker in the bunch. I've discovered some new writers and as I read the last story I breathed a sigh of relief but then I groaned again because I still have two books to go? So far this is a solid collection that doesn't just feature a lot of gore and body fluids. These are well written stories that feature both Bizarro and Splatterpunk elements. If you're still on the fence about buying these you should or could wait and see how the rest of the reviews play out. I can tell you I have started on the next volume and holy crap on a cracker.