The Slaphappy Fun Time Interview With Jimmy Pudge

I have been a huge Motherfuckin' Pudge fan for a long time. I stumbled onto Bad Billy and then read everything I could get my hands on including the limited edition chap book When Doves Cry released through Dynatox Ministries, I've been lucky enough to interview Mr Pudge twice and I thank him for taking the time to do this interview. You can also get his latest release Game of Hos on Amazon.

Q: You disappeared for quite a while. What prompted the disconnect?

The bottle and I had a passionate love affair for about two years. That was one reason. Another was that I was getting more and more concerned about what others thought about my writing. I didn’t like the pressure of delivering a story that was better than the last story and wondering if Citizen X would enjoy it. Meanwhile Citizen Y would read my tales and email me, “Wow, that was such an original idea! If only you had done it this way…” I was just getting tired of all that pressure, man. I was sweating. Sweating like a motherfucker. I was making about two dollars a month at that point. Yeah, the money was good, and I was living the high life, but I decided to take some me time off and get real. I feel good now, I’m back to the bottom where I crawled out of once upon a time ago. I’m ready to be dirty and not give a fuck about delivering that perfect story. I’m also ready to make that big money again.

Q: After such a long gap between books how hard was it to write again?

It’s hard in the sense that you feel like a virgin. When “Game of Hos” gets released and the reviews start coming in (if any do) it’ll be like getting my cherry popped again. I said I don’t give a fuck about delivering that perfect story, and that is truth. I do care about my readers hating my new material though. I don’t want my first time to be bad. I don’t want people talking about me in the school hallways, saying he can’t fuck worth a shit or he’s working with a little package. I want to hear that orgasm.

Q: Where did the idea for Game of Ho’s come from?

I was watching “Game of Thrones” one night and this bitch took off her clothes and had about the nicest pair of titties I have ever laid eyes on. You know, the ones with the big areolas. I said, “Goddamn, look at that ho!” and the idea just hit me. “Game of Hos.”

Q: You were afraid that you had lost your edge with this one has that ever happened before?

Yeah, I was thinking less about writing what I wanted to write and more about what my audience wanted. So, yeah, I lost my edge a little bit. I tried going soft. The last project I was working on before my hiatus was a Christian Romance book. I was selling out, man. Selling out for the money. I don’t even know anything about being Amish. But there I was, writing PG13 prose about this little Amish boy who falls in love with a city girl named the Easy One.

Q: For those who have never read your work what would you call it? I always thought of it as white trash fiction but that’s kind of offensive isn’t?

I am offended, sir. I’d call it high quality poor man’s satire. I don’t write no single-wide trailer shit. I write double-wide. No, I’d call my work Satirical Crime Fiction with supernatural elements. My characters are lower class, many criminals, all having little to no income. Basically, I’m writing a little bit of myself into each character.

Novelist W.D. Gagliani once reviewed my short story collection “Yo A$ Is GRA$: Tales From a Rednek Gangsta,” and pretty much hit the nail on the head. He wrote, “With snarky, evocative titles such as ‘The Wine, the Bitch, and the Broom Closet’ and ‘Everything She Touch Turn to Doo Doo’ and ‘Pissing the Night Away,’ you may realize you've entered satirical territory as well as that little-known tract known as trailer park horror. Never heard of it? Well, some was done (perpetrated?) by that old group of splatterpunks, back in the day, but Mr. Pudge here resurrects it to great effect - and great comedic effect, it should be pointed out - with his stories, which are for the most part peopled by the down and out, the meth-addled, the insane, the irretrievably criminal, and the odd serpent-haired one.” For the rest of the review, go here:

Q: You once had an advice column. How hard was it to offer advice to people? If given another opportunity to do it again would you?

It’s never hard for me to offer advice to people. The one thing fools are good at is giving advice. Man, I can give advice all got damn day! Yes, I’d offer advice to people, but I’m pretty much an unknown author now. So I would be seriously surprised to find my inbox full of questions if I did write an advice column answering folks’ questions.

Q: You have a pretty loyal cult following. How does that affect the writing process?

I was lucky to have met a bunch of fucking weirdos like me, so I’m very fortunate. Many of these lowlife pieces of shit like to read my stuff, and they’ll tell me I misspelled something. Someone actually caught that I had misspelled my name on the title page of one of my books. That was a good fucking call! It doesn’t affect the writing process, but it does make you doubt yourself when you try something different. You wonder how they’re going to feel about a Romance story like the “Booty Goblin” after they just read the horror tale “Bad Billy,” you know?

Q: You’ve talked about a sequel to Bad Billy. Is there a release date yet or is it still in the planning stages?

Still in planning stages. Bad Billy 2 probably won’t be ready for release until December of this year.

Q: Of all the books you’ve written which one would you say is the one that truly defines your writing style?

That’s difficult. My short story collection offers a wide variety of what I can do. I’d say that one offers the most insight into my different writing styles. I generally write whatever I find funniest at the time, so my style changes a good bit at times. I prefer to write serious shit, like “When Doves Cry” or “Corn Bred” or even “Bad Billy,” but the silly bone gets a hold of my ass, so I’ll often produce masterpieces like “The Dick,” “Kitty’s Revenge,” or “Run, Teddy Bear, Run.”

Q: I’ve seen the cover to Devil Inside and it’s impressive. Is this a straight up horror novel? Who did the cover?

Yes, this one is straight up horror. The humor is absent. This one is dark. I don’t remember who did the cover. He was having a going out of business sale in 2013, I believe, and I scooped it up for $10.

Q: When you’re writing are there any weird rituals that you have?

I like to turn off all the lights in the trailer, except for my desk lamp. I write under the desk lamp. I also eat Vienna sausages with a fork because I don’t want no damn drip juice getting on my keyboard.

Q: For those who don’t know you or haven’t read one of your books how would you describe yourself and your writing style?

I’m not a great person or a great writer, but you’re going to have a good time reading my shit, maybe. Some people absolutely detest my shit. Go to Amazon or Goodreads, look me up and laugh at some of the reviews.

I’m a lowlife living the highlife. My writing style varies from horror to suspense to satire to comedy. My books are full of gore and they’re as filthy as a red light pussy.

Q: Where can readers find you and your work? Anything you’d like to add?

Readers can find me on my Facebook page. Just type in Jimmy Pudge. My work is on my author page at:

The only thing I’d like to add is thank you for the interview. Thanks for giving this worn out fighter a fighting chance. Much love!

You can also find him here