Diary Of A Madman

     I Am Ozzy - Ozzy Osbourne & Chris Ayers 2/5


      First I have to be honest and say that I'm not a die hard Ozzy fan. Didn't really like Black Sabbath until Dio joined and then I heard Born Again and I stuck around a little longer. Of Ozzy's solo work I have Blizzard Of Oz, Diary Of A Madman, and The Ultimate Sin on vinyl. The last two records are by far the best work that the Oz has ever created and are the only records of his that I listen to regularly, The book has never been too high on my list of books to be read. Finally I figured what the hell, I may as well check it out.

      If you're a die hard Ozzy fan this book should be right up your alley. It contains a great deal of humor and a lot of stories about his drunken misadventures. I expected a lot more about Randy Rhoades, but there isn't a whole lot here which was disappointing and I'm not sure why he chose to not include more about Randy other than the fact this his death still affects him, or maybe due to all the drugs and booze he just can't remember much about those days. There's no mention of Jake E. Lee's tenure either and again I'm not sure why he chose to leave those years out, but it leaves a gaping hole in the history of Ozzy's career. The book itself is more about Ozzy's drinking with a bit of his life thrown in. As a co-writer Chris Ayers should take a lot of the blame. When he was conducting the interviews he should have asked for more detail, but he didn't and the book suffers for it.

     It's not the biography that I expected at all. It was boring in parts and the main question I had at the end was; "How is he still alive?" There was so much more that I wanted to know, but instead it left me with more questions than answers. He barely mentions his replacement in Sabbath and seems unaffected by all that has happened to him. We do get a glimpse of remorse when he almost murders Sharon and when Randy died you can tell that his loss affected him deeply. As a whole the book just stumbles around like Ozzy after a night at the pub. The stories of just how much he drank, and how many drugs he took is the common theme here. Didn't the publishers even push him for something else? The casual Ozzy isn't going to find much to like here, and I even struggled to finish the damn thing due to how boring it was. There could have been a great bio here, but instead it's just okay, Nothing special and
man does it drag.