Game Of Hos

Game of Hos - Jimmy Pudge - 5/5 stars


     When Jimmy Pudge gave me a copy of his latest book to review it was as if Christmas had come early. For those unfamiliar with his work there’s no correct way to describe his it. It’s a bunch of different genres thrown into a blender and made into a tasty genre smoothie. You have splatterpunk, satire, horror and sometimes even a little romance. Hos is a ghetto version of Game Of Thrones and for those without a sense of humor you should avoid this. Pudge is a writer that knows how to create a story that’s both repulsive and entertaining. The entire novel is about an impending drug war and none of these characters have any real redeeming qualities. It’s the writing style that hooks you. He has a knack for creating characters that we normally wouldn’t care about and makes them interesting.  On top of that you have a great deal of violence and buckets of gore.

     If you follow Game Of Thrones the similarities are quite amazing but this isn’t a parody. It’s not taking the piss to the show or even the book. It stands up well and you even get a twist at the end that reminds us why we hate George R.R. Martin. After a long absence it’s good to see that Pudge has not only returned but he has returned with a vengeance. Hos is laugh out loud funny and also gross at times. The beauty of it is that it’s a highly addictive story that keeps you turning pages. If you like your books to have a bit of an attitude this is one that you shouldn’t miss.  As a fan all of the trademarks are intact which is a wonderful thing. Pudge is a talented writer and Hos is a worthy addition to your collection.