Razor Blade Candies Book One: Loves Lies Dead Kyle M. Scott 5/5 stars


     You ever read a book that seems like it's headed one way and then before you know it everything veers sideways and you find yourself cheering? Love Lies Dead is that sort of book. It's a short but brutal read that basically says; "I'm back did you miss me?" Yes, Scott, we did. The thing that makes this work is that Kyle uses emotions to suck you in. You can almost feel the loss that Paul feels and you can't help but feel for him. He's just lost his girlfriend and Scott details these scenes so vividly you aren't just reading about Paul you feel as if you're right there with him. This is going to be one of those novels right? Okay, maybe a ghost story? Oh, no, that would be too easy and Scott knows this and that's when the book becomes extremely twisted. When I say twisted Scott goes places that I have merely flirted with.

      Love Lies Dead is clearly a novel for those who like their horror dark and twisted. The thing is that on one level it all makes sense. How much do you love someone? Paul actually loves a woman so much that he digs her out of a fresh grave and brings her home! That's true love my friends and that's the beauty in Love Lies Dead. Scott uses pure untapped emotions of grief and loss to pull us in. We get to see exactly what he wants to see before promptly shoving the curtain aside and showing us the things that he's had hidden all along. It's a dark and twisted love story even if it's one sided. As a writer Scott has clearly grown and each release keeps getting better and better. Despite its short length though Dead may in fact be the best thing he's ever written in or even despite its shocking subject matter. If you have a weak stomach this is clearly not something you want to read but you should because this is horror with an attitude, and a swagger all its own. This is dark horror at its finest. If there are voices inside every writers head I would hate to hear what his sound like.