The Last Horror Novel In The History Of The World - Brian Allen Carr 5/5 stars


     This is clearly not a novel but what's in a title? The name of the book doesn't really matter anyway. It's just a title that certainly grabs your attention. It's a really short story that blurs the line between bizarro and horror to become something else entirely. Some writers can do that and make it look easy.  That's the strength of The Last Horror Novel. This is a book that flows seemingly well despite its ending which is something you would expect from a bizarro novel. You don't see it coming. When it does you don't know whether to laugh or chuck the book across the room.

    Horror novel works because of its characters and Carr's writing style. Once you start reading it's almost impossible to stop. It's a story that you become invested in even though it seems too crazy. You have a woman leading ghost children into a river, and an appearance from the devil himself. Carr is a writer that I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot from and this is certainly a bizarro/horror novel that you should read. It could very well be the evolution of a genre that has sadly grown stagnant over the last few year. It seems as if everyone has moved on and ventured into other areas, but now there's a shining ray of hope that it'll return. Whatever your thoughts are on the genre this is one that I highly recommend.