The Sad Taste Of Disappointment

     Hidden Bodies - Caroline Kepnes 3/5 stars


      How in the hell do you top a novel like You? It can't be easy but Kepnes does her best with Hidden Bodies. As I started reading it I wasn't sure what the hell she was trying to do. It was frustrating at first to see a character that I enjoyed so much turn into a whiny bitch. I get it though. In You, Joe was creepy, and in love, but the thing that made it work was that it all felt justified somehow. This was a man that wanted someone so badly that he would hack into her email and Facebook accounts just see what she was up too. Now? Joe is haunted by a cup of urine and this need to destroy Amy Adams a girl that pulled the wool over his eyes.

      The first half of Bodies was tedious and boring. At times I felt as if Kepnes was simply trying too hard to make Bodies as good as You so she tried different angles and different ideas, but the problems were Joe. You can't take a character like that and make him appear weak. I get it though, Joe is a strong character that has to be in control at all times so his move to California almost made sense. This second half of the book is where Caroline really proves just how good she is, but there are some issues with the plot. Again, it seems as if she's so concerned with Bodies being better, or just as good as You. Joe really hits hits his stride with Love but his desire for happiness is thwarted by a few obstacles that he of course has to remove. Kepnes is a solid writer. She does give us some interesting characters, but the problem is that the plot of the book sometimes just feels like as if it's thrown together to shock us, and prove that she's capable of writing a decent sequel.

      As a reader I was disappointed with some of the plot twists. Sure, they sort of make sense but I was yelling at my Kindle at one point at just how ridiculous some the twists were. I really wanted to see Joe and Love live happily after, but what the hell was that ending? What is up with Love just accepting everything that Joe has done and not feeling the least bit afraid that she could be next if she ever changers her mind and decides to leave Joe? Amy Adams who Joe followed to California even makes a brief appearance and that left me scratching my head too. There are so many good moments that could have made this as addicting as You, but it just wasn't. I wanted to Joe to really shine in this one but sadly he doesn't. As it is Hidden Bodies shows moments of brilliance but it's just doesn't have the same great qualities that You did. I'm left feeling a bit lost and confused, but as soon Kepnes writes another novel I'll buy it because I feel that once she's moved past You and found her comfort zone she's going to really blow our minds.