Monsters Don't Cry

     Monsters Don't Cry - Shane McKenzie  5/5

     I received a copy of Shane's new book directly from Deadite and I immediately started reading it. Shane has a unique writing style that is reminiscent of guys like Edward Lee. I'm a huge fan of the guy and have a ton of his stuff on my Kindle. When you read McKenzie's stuff you should know that it's not going to be pleasant at all. This is true balls out splatterpunk. Tons of gore, and sheer all out mayhem. Underneath that mayhem though is a talented writer. If he was just a guy that filled his books with gore he wouldn't be one of my favorite writers. Gore is nice, but there has to be a story to hold it all together.

     Monsters has one hell of a premise and as I read it I could see that McKenzie crafted this in such a way that you can immediately tell who the true monsters are. Despite her appearance Natasha is the only human in the book. Her actions are a direct result of her environment and the way that people treat her. It's like Frankenstein without the lightening and the mad scientist. Natasha is surrounded by cruelty so she acts the only way she knows how, and that's through violence.  All she wants is to be loved. It's something we all want and as Natasha hones in on Bruno that's when the body count rises because Bruno has some trouble of his own. With all of that is the gore, the violence, and everything else that McKenzie throws at his characters.

     McKenzie has been writing this style for a long time and he knows exactly how to hook his readers and he never fails to give them what they came for. The hook is Natasha as she destroys everything she touches in her quest to find true love. It's a book that should be approached with the utmost caution. If you're at all squeamish then by all means avoid this book. You'll end up pissed off with massive amounts of puke dripping from your chin. In Monsters the story itself is intriguing and as you wade through the various rivers of blood you begin to see that Natasha does all of this for a reason. She's not just killing without a reason. McKenzie has a knack for creating characters that we can root for. Natasha is the hero of the novel and as I read it I couldn't help but admire her for what she's doing.

     Monsters is a splatterpunk classic that could easily fit onto my best of 2015 list because it's an engrossing, and shocking read. Shane's one of those writers that you end up reading because you know it's going to be good. He's one of those writers that's keeping the splatterpunk/torture porn movement going while creating some damn good titles. If you like extreme, blood soaked horror this is one that you should read. It has all of that and a story that gives the violence a reason to exist. We all need a little violence and here Shane delivers it in a KFC bucket with a smile and an extra side of gore.