The Antichrist Of Kokomo County

The Antichrist Of Kokomo County - David Skinner 4/5


     So say your father and you are told that your son is in fact the Antichrist? What would you do? How would you react? That is the hilarious premise behind David Skinner's debut novel and it's the kind of book that could easily slide into two directions. The first would be a dark twisted novel about the child growing up evil. or you could turn it into a dark black comedy which is what Skinner has done. I received a copy of Antichrist from Netgalley and I was bit intrigued by the premise, but this is a novel that takes quite a few twists and turns and explores what happens when a father is told that he will be great, but ends up being unremarkable, and completely average. This is a guy that never achieves anything and finds out that his son is the Antichrist who also just happens to look like a little old man.

     The story is told through past and present tense but it never becomes boring or overwhelming. These are key pieces to the development of the plot and Skinner is great story teller that brings these characters to life. You feel bad that these parents are purposefully making Sparky stupid so that he doesn't advance into the monster he's destined to become, but at the same time you feel bad for the kid because he's being forced to become just like his father. It's a novel that could easily turn a left and mire itself into mediocrity but it doesn't. It stays true to what it wants to be and that's a black comedy with a bit of a message.

     It pokes a great deal of fun at religion, but so what? It's such an easy target that it becomes rather easy, but in Antichrist it isn't done in a mean way at all, and it's actually the glue that holds this book together. The decisions that Sparky's parents make are in the hopes of saving mankind and as a parent you begin to sympathize with them a bit. They're doing what they think it right even if it's not what anyone else would do.

      This is one of those novels that you just have to read for yourself because there are so many plot twists that if you talk about it too much you run the risk of giving something away. Skinner's first novel is an interesting read that avoids the usual by the numbers fiction. It's funny, and almost offensive, but most of all it's a damn good book.


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