Dark Screams Vol 5

Dark Screams Vol 5 - Brian James Freeman, And Richard Chizmar


     Let's be honest and admit that for horror fans the Dark Scream series is shaping up nicely. It took me a long to appreciate the benefits of anthologies, but as a writer I can appreciate them more because I've been in quite a few and when done right they have the potential to get you noticed. The Dark Screams series is interesting because it takes established writers and puts them together with newer names in one small, well priced digital book. I received this from Netgalley and wasn't sure how well it would stack up against the last volume, but I was pleasantly surprised. The editors have picked some real gems and I can see why this series is still going strong.

     Each story here is solid and while I didn't find a stand out like I did in Vol. 4 I found it just as enjoyable. Let's be honest here and admit that if you're a fan of horror this is a must read volume. It's mixes in some new faces with established authors so you have a chance to find something new to seek out. If you're new to the horror genre this should be required reading. There's no B.S. here and and that's what makes this so good. Brian and Richard have once again picked an amazing set of stories and Dark Screams is certainly a must read anthology series


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