Dark Screams Vol 4

Dark Screams Vol 4  - Edited By  Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar 5/5


I received a copy of Dark Screams Vol 4 from Netgalley and let's be honest here and admit that the line up here is pretty damn impressive. Clive Barker and Ray Garton alongside Heather Graham, Lisa Morton, and Ed Gorman. This is a line up you would expect big things from and while it does come in at a short 16o pages there's little wiggle room to screw things up. I have never heard of this anthology series before but I'm glad I picked this up. While the Garton, and Barker stories are good the real reason to buy this is because of The Brasher Girl. This story is a homage or a rip off of classic Stephen King and it's creepy and makes you long for the days when horror used to be simple. This is a story that builds up slowly without a great deal of gore. It's a story about obsession and yes, even insanity.

If you've never read horror before this is a good place to start. Each story presents an interesting element to the horror genre. These stories don't follow a simple pattern either. It gives you some great authors to seek out, and for the seasoned veteran it's a nice short read that reminds us that when horror is done right it's fresh and exciting. It's about atmosphere and Hydra has delivered a book that presents five great stories. With a lot of bargain anthologies there's way too much filler but this isn't the case with Vol 4. I do know that I plan on reading the other volumes but hope that they deliver as well as this one did.


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