Whispers Review

     This is my first review here and I figured we'd go over the ratings a little. I thought about this all day and wanted to keep it as simple as possible. No stars, no skulls, or middle fingers. So instead of getting some fancy graphics or some cool as rating system you get numbers. They range from 1-5 If a book gets a 1 it's a shit sandwich and should be avoided at all costs and I think you can figure out the rest of the numbers. People want things fast and easy, kind of like your mom. So here is my first review and if you like it comment, if you hate it comment. If you want people to see it, share it.

     Whispers Vol 1 - Stuart Keane  5/5


          Whispers is a short story collection that compiles material from various anthologies that Stuart's been a part of. Even if you've already read these Whispers is still worth a look because it shows a writer who has the ability to write in a variety of genres. These are dark, twisted stories that explore fear and what I love about this collection is just how well it flows together. I knew that these were previously released, and a few I had even read but that didn't matter because one story flowed into the next and I had to see what came next.

     There is a common theme here and that's fear and revenge. Each of these stories explores the dark and forces us to see people in situations that they have no control over. There is a dark element running through each of them and Keane forces us to look, There's no other choice, If you're not a fan of Keane you will be after reading this collection. To steal a line from Catt Dahman; Stuart goes for the throat and never lets go. He devours. That's an accurate description of his writing style.

     This is a writer that knows how to make horror fans happy and for those who haven't read his work this is a good place to start. These aren't long stories and give a decent introduction to a writer who is growing and evolving. Keane knows horror and the only problem I had with this was that it ended. I've been a fan of Stuart's since his debut novella The Customer Is....and with Whispers we see just how good he truly is.

     I would recommend this to fans of Richard Laymon, and early Stephen King. There is a bit of gore and violence, here but it's justified if that makes any sense. He doesn't just go for the gross out because he can, he does it because it's necessary. The violence and gore are a part of the story. Keane knows how to shock you and it makes the stories interesting and you never see it coming.

          Without a doubt I give this a 5, and if I may be so bold I would give this a ten because this is how horror is done. This no bullshit, no weak ass attempt at horror. This is the real deal. You need a helmet and a seat belt when you read Whispers.

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