Here Is The Goal

     As an author myself I wanted a place to share my favorite books and even do some interviews. I wanted to do something that would allow me share a variety of different genres and welcome fans of horror, bizarro, and even splatterpunk. I read a lot of weird stuff and I know that there are people out there who are just like me. I have another blog but wanted to create one that I can use strictly for books and shit. A little corner where I can vent and promote books that I like and I think others would enjoy as well. If I like an author or a publisher people should know about them. I want this to be a spot where you can discover something and have not feel as if you're going to be hit with a million promotions. You know what I'm talking about.

     I do have a couple of interviews that I conducted that were supposed to be released somewhere else but they were never used so I think that would be a good place to start. Also I can use this to promote some really cool books, and stuff that I have been blessed to be involved in. Not only am I an author but I'm a fan of the horror genre. Some people have said that it's dead, but it's far from dead. In this blog you will see that there are quite a few writers who are proving again and again that it's alive and well. There are writers who are keeping the splatterpunk genre going and God bless these sick, twisted individuals. If this works awesome, but if no one sees this blog and it crashes and burns well, at least I tried.

      Why the name Slap Happy Fun Time? I liked it. It just sounded funny to me so I used it. Other than that there really isn't much to say about the name other than it sounds a bit painful. So until my next blog cheers and always remember the light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train.