Edward Lee Goon

     Edward Lee - Goon 5/5

     Edward Lee is the king of Gore. Fans know exactly what they're getting into as soon as they crack open one of his books. Lee takes every single rule of horror and throws it out the window, and with it goes the idea that in order to be successful you have to be politically correct. Lee can and does craft novels that are shocking, and violent, but that's why Lee is so good. Are his books implausible? Sure, but so what. Most fiction that you read is implausible anyway so who cares. Lee is a legend of splatter punk and Goon is a continuation of his legacy. Then you add his co-writer or co-conspirator to the mix and you have a novel that is so over the top there's almost a comedic effect to it.

     Goon is a fast paced book that combines your traditional horror tale and combines it with a pro-wrestler who also happens to be a serial killer. Goon is a walking nightmare that takes hits like no ones business, but throughout the novel you really don't get to see much of him. He's talked about and you know that he's responsible for all of these murders but he's not in the book a whole lot. Of course the plot makes up for that and it wouldn't be an Edward novel without the usual sex and mayhem. Goon has that and for those who are pro-wrestling fans you'll be pleased to see that those aspects are well done and accurate.

     If you're a Lee fan it's business as usual which isn't a bad thing. We know that Lee can write a decent book loaded with the usual amounts of sex and gore, but for the uninitiated there's a lot to absorb and take in. It seems as if the book is just pure and total anarchy. Trying to lure new fans to Edward Lee's books is hard, and in the end you need a strong stomach.. Goon is a solid read with a shocking twist at the end. If you haven't read Lee and are just discovering splatterpunk this is a good place to start. Goon is a classic Lee novel that is just unrelenting and brutal.