The Demon Inside - M.L. Sparrow 3/5 stars


      I received Demon in exchange for an honest review and I almost stopped reading it. The romance in the first half didn't interest me and seemed to clash with what I thought the book was about. I kept going and then the world went sideways and suddenly Sparrow was able to shift into horror mode. The initial storm, and its after affects were well written and designed to shock you. You feel as if you're a part of the story. As the novel wore on it shifted into the mode we've all come to expect from books like these. These are the survivors, this is their story. It's a novel geared toward the young adult audience, and it shows. Trust me, it's not a bad thing, but for me, I expected more horror, more violence. What I got was something you might expect from this type of story. A lot of action from the views of characters who are still struggling to find their place in this new world.

      You would think I hated this novel, but I think it's a solid read, and there's plenty of curveballs thrown to keep it interesting. The problem is I've read this type of story before, I was hoping for something different. Sparrow is a decent writer, and her writing style is what kept me reading. She knows how to hook an audience, and Demon is saved because of it. I may not have liked parts of this book, but overall it's certainly worth checking out. She wants us to care for these characters, you want to see them survive. As a writer, you want your readers to connect with your characters, to care what happens to them. Sparrow has certainly done that. While there are parts of the novel that follow the rules, there's a lot here that saves it from being just another end of the world, we are going to survive type of book.

         For fans of this genre this is certainly a must read. Sparrow has written a story that combines a lot of different elements to get the story entertaining and interesting. My issues are my own and have nothing with Sparrow at all. I've read books like these and this is one definately a solid one. She throws a few curveballs that keep it interesting, it doesn't feel like your normal, run of the mill young adult novel. Sparrow took risks, and I applaud her for that. I like writers who try and do something different. Most don't succeede, and for the most part, Sparrow succeedes.


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