The Lies She Told - Cate Holahan 5/5


      I recieved a copy of Lies from Netgalley in Exchange for an honest review

      Lies She Told is the kind of book you start reading, but can't put down. The story is told from two perspectives, and I know it sounds confusing, but Cate does a great job at keeping things simple. You have the perspective of a character in a new novel, and the author herself who is going through her own personal crisis. As the novel progresses, things begin to spiral out of control, and fact blurs into fiction. Cate unravels the suspense slowly, just enough to tease you and then you're hit with an ending that I never saw coming. Liza is a character you can get behind, her story is interesting but not as interesting as the  character she's creating. The action moves slolwy, but not too slow to bore you. It's a pace that adds depth to the story. You become interested in the characters, and want to know what the link is. A great suspense novel is a combination of great writing, and great characters, and Lies has that in spades.

      At its core, Lies is a story about escape, and how things always aren't what they appear. Liza is an interesting character with secrets of her own. When the novel begins to mirror her own life, you see the cracks begin to form and this is where the novel becomes interesting. The subject of Nick's murder becomes the driving force of the last half of the book and this is when Cate really begins to shine. In a novel like this, it's easy to get plots entangles, or confuse your audience. That never happens. Instead, it becomes a perfect suspense thriller. You're engaged in the story, you can't put it down until it's all over. When it comes to great suspense thrillers this is one that deserves to be mentioned. It takes a few risks and succeedes. It's not your normal run of the mill story, nor does it follow the formula of most cookie cutter fiction novels. It's the kind of novel that gets an author noticed and I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from Cate Holahan


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