Is Winona Ryder Still Dating That Dude From Soul Asylum And Other Lurid Tales Of Terror And Doom - Douglas Hackel - 5/5 stars

     As you read Hackel's latest short story collection you'll start to wonder if the guy is totally insane. It makes sense as you read stories about puppets who create mass graves for chicken nuggets, a man with Meatface disease, and other tales that aren't exactly horror unless you happen to be the character in the story. Hackel has a knack for writing weird, absurb fiction that makes you giggle despite the fact that most of these stories don't make any sense. This is a guy who happens to piece together stories with reckless abandon, but where do these ideas come from? Seriously? Is the guy drunk when he writes? The thing is, that's what makes these so good. These are stories that defy logic, and chuck all the rules of literature out the window. To review each and every story here would take way too much effort, and I don't want to bore you. The beauty of this collection is getting sucked into Hackel's vortex of insanity. Once you start start reading this collection you can't stop.

    When I look back at what got me into bizarro fiction, it was books just like this. It's weird, absurb, and yes, even surreal, You don't need vagina monsters to create bizarro. You just need random ideas that are funny as hell, or cringeworthy. That's exactly what this is. It's a collection of stories that may not make sense in the normal world of fiction, but Hackle doesn't write normal fiction. I don't think it's possible. What Hackle does is make us question his sanity. What is his obsession with dried white dog turds and the movie Krull? Is Wynonna Ryder Still Dating That Dude From Soul Asylum reminds us of how great bizarro fiction was. As a whole this is a collection that seems weird on the surface, but then you look at it deeper and realize there's something else going on. This is a guy who's probably insane, and drunk. What kind of voices does he hear as he's writing? I bet he's listening to Ratt's Round And Round on repeat and then later, making tiny coffins for chicken nuggets.

      Heres' the deal. If you like you're fiction weird plus totally insane, this is one you have to read, It's a great collection of stories from the mind of someone who should seek therapy. It's a book you should read, and read often. There's no filler in this one. Each story is just as messed up as the last one, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. The only sad part for me was when it was all over, but I do have Tear Clown Junkies so I'll read that again and all will be right in the universe. Thank you Mr. Hackle for being your weird self.