Dead Certain - Adam Mitzner 5/5 stars


     I got this on the Kindle first looks program, and I'm glad I didn't follow any of the reviews of this. If I had, I would've missed out on a pretty decent thriller. There needs to be a disclaimer about Ella, this has nothing at all to do with her double life, and it's only mentioned once in the book and it's a moment that makes no sense, but then later it does. The main thing to remember here, is it's a novel that really fits into the current trend of fiction. There's a dark undercurrent running just below the surface, and what I liked most was just how effective Mitzner was able to keep the momentum of the story going while keeping me guessing as to who was responsible for Charlotte's dissappearance. I love books that are layered with different angles. As a reader, I like it when an author attempts to try something different and succeedes.

     Dead Certain seems like a simple novel, but everyone here has a secret, that's the main theme of the book. Charlotte is having an affair with three men, and one of those men has done something horrible. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Mitzner is a decent story teller who knows how to keep you engaged. He effectively places Charlotte's unfinished manuscript in as a plot device and it's an effective bit of story telling that adds to the mystery, The main question here, is what happened to Charlotte? The characters here are merely there to keep the story moving, and sometimes, you really don't get to know them enough to care about them, but that's the point. It's the story itself that captured my attention. That's what's important.

      The only complaint I have is the ending. It felt rushed, and I wish the viewpoint of the guy responsible for Charlotte's disappearance came sooner. He added a dark, twisted arc to the story and I loved every second of it. There's a lot here that could have made the story more powerful, and yes even darker. Aside from that, I found Dead Certain to be a decent thriller, and exactly the type of book I enjoy. When it comes to fiction I always find myself drawn to the darker stuff that adds elements to make it interesting, and fresh. This is one of those books you simply don't read, you devour it.