Haunt - Laura Lee Bahr  5/5

      Haunt could easily be described as an anti novel. It takes pride in not existing in just one genre. The strength of Haunt is in the writing itself. Bahr has a gift for creating a story that takes the reader on a journey that doesn't follow routine story telling. If you love books that break new ground this is a book that you will no doubt devour, and come back to just see if there's something you may have missed. For those that like books that follow routine story telling are going to find this frustrating, but that's okay. At its core is a narrative that flows well and you feel as if you're a part of the story even at its most confusing, but in the end everything comes together.
      The question is how do you review a novel like this? You can only talk about its brilliance and how it's a ghost story with enough twists and turns to give you whiplash. Each character is well thought out and interesting so that when the narrative shifts you don't get bored. All of these characters have some connection to each other and the narrative itself is what makes the story so unique. Haunt may be described as a bizarro novel but it's more than that. It's a well written anti-novel that takes the reader for one hell of a ride. You won't find a novel like this because it's original and groundbreaking. If you like your novels deep and beautifully written, then Haunt is a novel you should read.  When people tell you that genre fiction is dead, they're lying and Haunt is proof that it's alive and well.