Disappearance At Devil's Rock - Paul Tremblay  3/5 stars

     So, A Head Full Of Ghosts was one of my favorite novels of 2015, and then I heard about the new book, but I kept forgetting the damn title. Finally remembered it and then I got a copy for my Kindle app which I don't recommend by the way. There's a problem with Tommy's notes not showing up well and the only way to see them is by zooming in on them which becomes a pain in the ass after awhile. Fork out the cash for the dead tree version. Anyway, Devil's Rock is the story of a boy's strange disappearance, but this is a Paul Tremblay novel so nothing here is ordinary or run of the mill. I have twins that are Tommy's age so I felt a connection with this book. It's a parent's worst fear and Paul doesn't waste any time in getting us close to Elizabeth so that we feel her anguish. Each character is molded well, and realistic. They act exactly as they should, and you don't feel as if they're just there to move some pages around.

     The book itself is well written, which is exactly what drew me to not only this book, but Ghosts as well. This is a writer that has a knack for creating a story that moves at a steady clip and keeps the tension tightly wound. There's a darker, more sinister element lurking here and as the story develops you get pulled in without even thinking about it. I loved that he has given us a story that we can relate to and then throws in a few curve balls just to keep you on your toes. Paul Tremblay is a writer that knows how to hook the reader. Just when you think you have everything figured out, he switches things up. The mark of a good story teller is when he makes his readers feel comfortable, and then he changes the way we see a story, and the idea of how we think things are going to end. Just by reading this novel we already have an idea of what's happened, but it's the why that truly makes this book so good.

     While I loved the book, I didn't much care for the ending. It seemed to run out of steam at the end. These are all great characters, and the elusive Arnold is someone I wish we got to see more of but Paul seems to keep him in the shadows. As the book ends there's a surprise, but it feels almost like an after thought. After all of the buildup what we get is a bit of a letdown. I was expecting more, and as I sat there blinking at my tablet I was blown away by how good the novel had been. The race to find Tommy, and the reveal of who Arnold is, is the moment where you begin to hold your breath. There has to be something serious coming right? Right? No, it ends limply, but the entire novel was so damn good I can forgive him for that. I loved it even thought I felt the ending lacked some real power, and Tremblay is without a doubt one of my favorite authors. Is Disappearance At Devil's Rock one of my favorite books of year? Yes, and no. Yes, because Devil's Rock is a damn good book and one I will probably read again just in case I missed something the first time, and no because of the way it ended. I expected so much more and I kind of feel cheated.