Parental Advisory Explicit Content!

     Gore Zone! 15 Tales Of Extreme Gore And Terror - Wesley Thomas 5/5 stars


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    Not too long ago I got a message from Wesley asking me if I'd be interested in reviewing his new short story collection. The moment he said that his editor and proof reader found it offensive I knew I had to read it. I had reviewed one of his books before and he was kind enough to message me and thank me. This is a writer that takes all of the feedback that he gets and uses it. Good or bad. As a writer myself I respect that and promised myself that once I had a chance  I would read another of his books and well here we are. Thanks Wesley for the arc of Gore Zone. 

      If you've read my reviews before you know how I like my splatterpunk. I love gore, and I love reading shit that most people won't. I write the same kind of stuff but what I like and look for in a collection or even a book like this is a story. Why is this happening? Gore just for gore's sake bores me. If done correctly it should be woven into the story and have a reason behind it. Anyone can bring in a bucket of guts and throw it on the floor, but you need solid characters, you need a motivation for whatever horrible thing is happening to make it more than just a gross out. If these were just stories that just featured gore for the sake of gore I wouldn't even be writing this review. We can all agree that this collection isn't for everyone and won't appease anyone looking for mainstream horror. That's okay but here's the thing. It's not really that bad. 

     I like Wesley's writing style and as I read this I could see that he is trying to find his voice as a writer. He creates unique scenes of terror that stick with you. In this collection you'll find horrors that give you a reason to stop reading just so you can catch your breath. In Wesley's world there are no happy endings and that's not a bad thing. You have a crazy cat lady that gets revenge on a cheating husband, a roller coaster than ends in a wide awake nightmare. These are stories that elevate the splatterpunk genre. These are stories that show us that sometimes we have more to fear than monsters. As a collection there are a few bumps in the road but overall everything flows really well. You can forgive him for clunkers like Horror Walk which didn't make any sense. It was a solid story right up until the end and I actually yelled: "What the fuck?! No, this is bullshit!" Aside from that outburst I was glued to the pages. 

     If you're looking for something to read that borders on the obscene and the shocking Gore zone is one helluva collection. After reading this I became a fan. Short story collections are hit or miss and this is one is a home run. Wesley Thomas is a writer to watch out for and I look forward to checking out more of his work