Tables Without Chairs #1

Tables Without Chairs  #1 Brian Alan Ellis, Bud Smith and Waylon Thornton 5/5



    I haven't been into the bizarro scene for quite some time, but occasionally I'll drop back in for a visit just to see what's going on. Brian actually posted a picture of the cover to this on Facebook and it looked like someone ate a bunch of cotton candy and then got pedigreed onto the floor and promptly threw up. It's the kind of cover that you see and instantly want to read. I have read three of Brian's books so far and I find that with each book he just strings a bunch of random ideas together and they somehow form a cohesive story. Case in point each of these stories range in topics from lost car keys. tripping balls on New Years Eve and finding that you're locked out of the apartment and the keys you have are the ones that someone lost. Brian was gracious enough to give me a copy on Facebook in exchange for an honest review and I was again drawn to that cover. You see what I'm talking about? It just grabs your attention and that's where Waylon Thornton comes into play. His artwork just works in holding this all together.

      What sucks is that I'm the first person to review this. You have no idea how much pressure that is. Both writers are good at what they do, and their sections are both entertaining. You don't skip through Brian's section to get to Bud's hoping that his stories suck a whole lot less. This is three guys having a blast and writing whatever the hell they want. These stories are random. but are well written and you can't help but wonder how these stories came together. Brian has presented us with a weird little love story and advice and tips for writers. Now as a writer I found Ha-Ha! Sad Laughter to be informative and quite hilarious. Any writer reading it will relate and if you're not a writer you'll have a sense of what we go through. Bud gives us a guy who is just trying to escape New York while chilling in an inflatable Jacuzzi that he places in his apartment. It's bizarro fiction without the gross out or having something happen just to be outrageous.

      Tables Without Chairs is all about making shit up as you go along and having fun doing it. If you're a fan of bizarro fiction you'll have a blast reading this and if you're not a fan you should still pick this up because it's the type of book that just is. It doesn't need a reason to exist and I have it under good authority that if you don't buy this Brian and Bud will show up at your house and piss all over your carpet. If you think that's bad wait until they bring out the flaming tables. In all honesty though this was a blast to read and I look forward to reading #2