Greasepaint - David C. Hayes  5/5


      When I received an advanced copy of Greasepaint I should have known what I was in for. For just a second let's talk about this new influx of clown horror and what it does to those who are deathly afraid of clowns, and also what it does for horror in general. I myself aren't afraid of clowns. Do I find them creepy? Hell yeah I do. With their floppy ass shoes. And big red noses. As a horror writer I have written a couple of short stories that features a few clowns and I can tell you that there is a lot there to work with and it's easy to see why clown horror is the new in thing. They've always been creepy and it's easy to look beyond the bright cheerful demeanor and peer into something darker. Horror is all about exposing the dark and bringing it into the light. After seeing the cover of David Hayes' new book all I can say is fuck clowns. Fuck them in their asses. I wasn't prepared for what I saw and odds are when you see the cover of greasepaint you'll feel the exact same way.

Orzo the clown is a sick twisted clown who has a kids television show and he's a serial killer and it just happens to have a kid chained up in his basement. He ends up dying after a SWAT team breaks into arrest him. If that isn't enough there's also the fact that many years later it seems as if Orzo has come back from the dead after it's been announced that the Orzo The Clown is being released on DVD. You thought Pennywise was bad you have yet to meet Orzo. If you're just a little freaked out by clowns this isn't going to make you like them or feel less creeped out the next time you hit the local McDonald's or the circus. The thing is that horror should creep you out a little and fear the things once thought wholesome and entertaining. Orzo gives the horror genre the kick in the ass it needs and adds originality to a genre that loves to rehash ideas and monsters.

Greasepaint is a quick read that adds an element of mystery to the horror. All of the elements here work well together and while this is a horror novel it kept me guessing throughout. Hayes is a talented writer that gives us a book that is totally original and at times truly frightening. It's the surprise factor that makes this novella so readable. As the kills mount up you can't help but feel as if it's Orzo himself returned from the grave, but of course that isn't possible is it? When this is officially released this is one horror novel you need to pick up. Hayes explores the realms of B, and slasher horror and infuses it with a classic whodunit. This is one not to be missed.

     Greaspaint is available to pre-order and will be released Nov. 3