Kill For A Copy

     Kill For A Copy - 5/5


     If you haven't heard about Dark Chapter Press odds are you will soon. I received a copy of their debut anthology Kill For A Copy in exchange for an honest review and this is a massive anthology. Three Hundred and two pages of horror, and splatterpunk. The problem though is that in a volume this size there's bound to be some filler right? Surprisingly the answer is no, and as I read it I knew that Rob McEwan not only has an eye for talent but he knows horror. This is for the true horror fan and while some the authors here may be new they won't be for long. Each story packs a punch and the volume flows extremely well.

     If you've read my reviews you know that I never judge these just on the stories. It would take to long to go into each and everyone and to pick a favorite from a volume this good is nearly impossible. This features every aspect of the horror genre so no matter what style you like Kill For A Copy has you covered. As a fan I loved this volume and look forward to seeing individual releases from these authors. As a small press Dark Chapter has announced their arrival and I doubt that they'll be small very long. This is high quality stuff kids, and you won't be skipping through hoping that the next story doesn't suck. You have stories here by Stuart Keane, Jack Rollins, and a slew of others.

      Horror it seems is never going to go away, and with volumes like this that's a good thing. Fans will drool all over this one and if you're just getting into horror do yourself a favor and pick this one up. You will not be disappointed. Dark Chapter Press is a press that you want to seek out. I have a feeling that this press will be around for a long time.


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