Wet And Screaming

     Shane McKenzie - Wet And Screaming 5/5



      I received a copy of Wet And Screaming in exchange for an honest review and I also feel the need to maybe throw in a disclaimer because this is one of those books that make people a little butt hurt. In this overly sensitive society you can't review a book like this without one. People like to blame everyone else when they're offended and I'm from the school of if you're offended then maybe, just maybe you needed to be offended. You don't need me to tell you that this book is not for the weak. Look at that cover. Shane McKenzie is the kind of writer that writes blackened, gore infested, horror. Think Edward Lee, or Jack Ketchum, and you have a pretty good idea what you're in for. This is the type of splatterpunk that draws a line in the sand and promptly pisses all over it.

     Wet And Screaming is a short story collection and what a collection it is. These are stories that will stick with you days, and even weeks after you read them. You want gross? Check out Fat Slob, you want disturbing? Kill The rabbit. McKenzie has a knack for taking the dark and twisted path and if this is your first time reading McKenzie's work you'll instantly walk away a fan. Before each story you get a glimpse at what inspired the story. For some it may seem a bit tedious but it gets you closer to the story, This is a collection that flows wells. After each story ends you almost have to stop and catch your breath. McKenzie knows what his fans like and Wet And Screaming is a solid read, 

     Anytime I review a short story collection I judge it as a whole. How well does it flow? It flows extremely well . Each story transitions smoothly into the next. How much filler is there? In this case there is none. Wet And Screaming is a collection that McKenzie fans will devour and for those looking to branch out and read something different you can't go wrong here. You just have to keep in mind that this isn't your normal run of the mill short story collection. McKenzie is a true master of gross out fiction. Aside from that he knows how to craft a decent story so that when it all goes to hell you're too invested in the story to give up. You have to keep reading just to see what's going to happen. He is a master of shock and awe, and if you're a fan of Edward Lee or Wrath James White you are going to love this,