In The Trenches

    In The Trenches - Various Authors 4/5

      I received this anthology in exchange for an honest review and I was intrigued because there are a lot of ways that you could approach it. You could go  all Full Metal Jacket or you could go in the opposite direction and put your best anti-war foot forward. Look at any war and you can pretty much throw out your own opinion on how you feel about war and what it not only does to families, but also the soldiers who are coming home from a war that they may not have believed in or even wanted to fight, We are all affected by war in some way, and we also see that when it comes right down to it war is big business. It can certainly boost or destroy an economy.

     I was curious to see just how Verto Publishing approached this. You can offend a lot of people with a book like this so naturally I wanted to see how it played out. I wanted something that would make me think, but what I didn't want was a bunch of stories that played it safe and featured a bunch of stories that shied away from the realities of war. In that regard In The Trenches has really stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run. These are stories that may not be for everyone, but they are about raw emotion and seeing through the eyes of a soldier can sometimes be terrifying, What you have are poems and stories that effectively give you an inside look at what it's like in the trenches. These are often dark and terrifying glimpses but that's what makes this so damn good. In The Trenches doesn't play it safe and if you're looking for an anthology about war this is a must read.

       Each story and poem compliment each other so that there's a healthy balance of material to choose from. The editor did one hell of a job putting this together so the material is spread out and each idea doesn't clash into the next. This is an interesting anthology that could have easily turned into just another boring mess of unreadable material, or a handful of stories that just don't work. To tell you about each story would take way too long so all I'll tell you is to read this anthology and then watch a classic war film, or maybe read Dalton Trumbo's anti-war novel Johnny Got His Gun so you have a full understanding of the realities of war. You may walk away from this enlightened or you may have a wider view on why war is necessary.