With Tooth And Claw Review

           With Tooth And Claw - Jim Goforth 5/5


      Plebs was one of the best horror novels of 2014. It was an old school splatterpunk novel that turned the dial up to eleven and ripped your face clean off. How in the hell do you top that? It seems as if Goforth is everywhere these days and as we wait for his latest full length novel we have With Tooth And Claw to tide us over. This is a collection of six short stories and a novella that proves that Plebs wasn't a fluke. Horror it seems has lost it's edge and while some horror writers will use gore and violence as a character, Goforth makes it a part of the plot. These six tales are dark and build a nice link to the foundation that he had successfully built with his debut novel. For fans of Plebs Goforth adheres to the motto of; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." He is a solid writer that proves that you can craft a horror tale without an overabundant amount of gore. There is a bit of gore and sex here but it isn't there just for the sake of gore and sex.

     The problem with a lot of these collections is the amount of filler these present and given its length that isn't a problem. Each story is well crafted and serves as a reminder that when done right, horror is a genre that you can become addicted too. The Laymon influence is front and center and as I read Astraal's Hands I thought for a second that I was reading a lost Laymon story.That's not a bad thing, and  there's enough originality in it so that you can easily see Gorth's own style mixing into it to create something that is not only disturbing, but a piece that pulls you in no matter how horrifying it becomes. There's no filler here. This is a horror writer with his feet planted in the past while surging forward to give horror a shot in the arm it desperately needs

     With Teeth And Claw takes the splatterpunk genre and moves it forward. We know what to expect and Goforth delivers. This is a writer who will break out in a major way, and if you haven't read Plebs yet you should, With Tooth And Claw is a great place to start and these stories are not only a testament to how great horror can be but it shows us that he's a writer who is hitting his stride. Short story collections are usually hit or miss but this fires on all cylinders and keeps you on your toes throughout out the entire book. Splatterpunk may not be a well known genre, but I have a feeling it will be,