Turning Face

     Turning Face - Terry M. West 4/5


        I received a copy of Turning Face in exchange for an honest review and to be perfectly honest I'm a fan of West's and have been since Heroin In The Magic Now. What I like about West is that he's always evolving and no matter what I've read I've never been disappointed. West writes fiction that mixes in pieces of horror, bizarro, and sometimes a bit of gore when the story calls for it. When you read a West novella you know that you're in for a good solid read. From Heroin to the Car-Nex series these are all solid novellas. West has a distinctive style that keeps you reading and you form bonds with the characters that he creates. These are stories that move quickly and demand your full attention.

      As a horror and wrestling fan I have to admit that I was nervous. Usually books like these fail because the author is trying to hard to please everyone. With Turning Face even the most jaded wrestling fan will find something to like here. While the story itself is well plotted it's easy to tell by the title what's about to happen, but it's not as predictable as you might think. West did his research here and the wrestling aspects are dead on. Tojo is a convincing villain that also happens to be a demon. His job is to instill hate but what happens when the fans start to cheer him? That is where the novel turns interesting. Tojo may be a demon but you can't help but like the guy, When you think of demons and hell you never imagine that it would be a heel in an indie promotion in Texas. If you watch enough pro-wrestling it sounds plausible. The heels job is to generate heat and make the fans hate you. You can see that Tojo's job as a heel would be easy, but then we see a shift and the fans that booed him are now cheering for him.

       West knows his stuff and the research he did on the wrestling aspect is top notch. The story itself would feel right at home with a variety of B-movie classics. That's not a dig at all. I love a good B-movie that delivers not just a touch of horror, but quite a bit of comedy. Fans of West and even horror comedy are going to enjoy this because while the subject matter may not be for everyone the story itself flows well and at 96 pages it doesn't feel as if it's rushed or missing something vital. West moves the story along and keeps you interested. As a fan of West it's another addition to an already growing collection. It's a novella that shows a writer evolving and branching out into newer territory and it works.