Diablo Snuff - Carver Pike  5/5 stars


      I've never erotic horror before, but there's always a first time for everything right? I was given a copy of Carver's novella not knowing what to expect. Take the normal rules of horror and add a smidge of sex and presto. This is not a book for those who are weak and squeamish. Carver writes like a man possessed, a man who wants to shock his readers and has no trouble reaching into the dark recesses of his mind to do it.

      At the core of this is what exactly is Diablo Snuff. While theit comes novella itself is short, it's a compulsive read that drags you along toward its violent shocking conclusion. Carver blends the eroticism with extreme horror, but here, it's not just for shock value. There's a genuine story here that's unique enough to please even the most jaded reader. While I may not like erotica, I do like horror and there's plenty of that to keep me hooked. Carver does a great job of balancing the two so they blend in together leaving the reader just as confused as Michael the lead character.

      As I finished the book, I became a fan. This is a guy who writes well, and knows how to craft a story. It'll be interesting to see how well the next books in the series play out, and just how big of a part Michael plays in it going forward. This is a book written for people who want something different, something way out of their comfort zone.


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