The Long Deception - Mary McCluskey 5/5 stars

      The Long Deception is an interesting novel. When I got this from Netgalley I was under the impression it was a thriller, but it's not. I'm not disappointed by this at all because the novel works as literary fiction, or women's fiction which just sounds like a weird genre. I'm a guy and I loved this book, so why would you alienate men from reading this? That puzzles me a little and I hope men see this review and read the book. This a novel where the focus is on characters more than action. McCluskey is a talented author who tells a story with a huge twist at the end. Sophie's death changes things for Alison and you get to see her evolve and finally realize that the life she has isn't the life she wanted. We can all relate to that, and sometimes we have to make a choice that's terrible for others, but exactly what we need.

      Matt seems to be the catalyst for all of this. It's a chance to reconnect and rekindle something she felt as a girl, but here's where everything goes a bit left. Nothing is how we see it, and Deception lives up to its title. I like the writing style, and the characters though older, never seem to lose sight of who they were. While a lot of novels would become stale without action, it's a novel that relishes in discovery. There's a bit of mystery here, but I don't think it would be enough to hold the attention span of a fan of white knuckled suspense which is unfortunate. It's easily one of my favorite novels and I couldn't put it down. There should be a warning here telling you that once you begin reading this there's no way to stop. I would close my Kindle app only to open it two seconds later. Highly addicting and the perfect novel to read when you want something that grabs you from the opening pages, and holds on until the final page is read. 


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