Halloween Carnival Vol 2 - Various Authors  4/5 stars

       I received Halloween Carnival Vol 2 in exchange for an honest review

      It's hard to keep momentum going throughout an anthology series especially if the theme is Halloween. I liked this one better than the first volume because the stories here were a bit darker, and didn't start out wanting to depress you. I like where the series is going and each story presents you with something different. What I'm finding is that these stories aren't about the scares, but the atmosphere. These stories embody the dark, almost foreboding atmosphere of what the holiday is about.

      It does stumble a bit, but still, it's not a terrible read and shows a great deal of promise. These five stories are meant to be read in a dark room, or told around a bonfire. It reminds me a lot of the anthologies I read in the eighties. It all about finding a new author, and exposing myself to stuff I probably would never find on my own. Vol 2 of the Halloween Carnival is shaping up to be an interesting series and Hydra really knows how to put together a solid anthology series.

       The best stories here are the first three. They each offer something unique, and keep your eyes glued to the page. The remaining stories aren't terrible by any means, but when you have three strong stories open your book, it's hard to keep the momentum going. For fans of horror this is a series you should definitely be checking out.


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