Amy Fisher!!

If I Knew Then..... - Amy Fisher  2/5

     I think it's interesting how some books change your perception of people or events, but some don't for one reason or another. Take Amy Fisher's book for instance. I saw it in the true crime section of the library and thought, what the hell. I was pretty familiar with the case and the story itself was intriguing. The problem is that Amy Fisher is a vile human being and while she wants you to forget about what she did, and how she's made strides to finally put the past behind her it's just not true. A Google search will tell you that for awhile she tried to live out of the spot light and piece her life back together it just wasn't meant to be. She's made a porn tape, divorced her husband and even rekindled her romance with Joey. Would someone who is trying to forget the past do that?

    The book itself is interesting as it gives you a glimpse of Fisher's life in prison, and what it was like during the huge media frenzy, but the fact is that Amy is constantly blaming everyone else for what's happened to her. She was abused by her father, taken advantage of by Joey, and the list goes on. Amy takes no responsibility for anything and I swear the book should've been called Amy Fisher.....It wasn't my fault. While she may have had the best interests at heart you can smell the bullshit. It was a way for her to make a grab for cash under the pretext of wanting to help others so they don't turn out like her. After the Google search you should put the book back on the shelf and find a better role model for your kids.

     Amy is a decent writer that wants you to feel sorry for her and maybe some people will, but as I read her story I just couldn't handle anymore. I'll watch the porn tape or maybe one of three three television movies that were made based upon someone's take on the story. Amy's just not a likable person and in order to have a successful book you need to feel some kind of connection to the author, but for me I just wanted to see what Amy was up to after all these years and hearing her side of the story seemed interesting. Sadly, it wasn't. I came away from the book learning less about Fisher and more about much she's suffered because of other's. It starts to grow tiresome and I wanted to throw the book across the room in frustration. This is one for fans of sub par autobiographies or true-crime and nothing more. You're not going to like Amy Fisher which isn't what she was going for when she wrote this. Whatever you do, don't buy this. Borrow a copy from the library like I did and then after you read it just forget that it even exists.