All Hail The Sisters Of Slaughter

    Mayan Blue - Michelle Garza & Mellissa Lason 5/5 Stars


     I was given a copy of Myan Blue to review and I was excited as hell because I planned on buying it as soon as it was released. I still plan on snapping up the paperback because that is a cover that shouldn't be hidden on a Kindle screen. The Sisters Of Slaughter have been making quite a name for themselves in the horror genre and I for one am a huge fan. Forget this idea that women can't write horror because they can. The Sisters write horror that's so good it'll reach up and smack your momma! This is a debut that a lot of writers and horror fans have been chomping at the bit for and Mayan Blue is one hell of a debut.

      What I love the most about this is that sure, this may be their debut, but Michelle and Melissa write with confidence and a knack for writing scenes that are so terrifyingly real you may want to sleep with a night light on. This is the greatest novel that Clive Barker never wrote. When I read Mayan Blue it reminded me of The Hellbound Heart, but I have to tell you that this is no clone. It's all original, but it follows the same dark tone and doesn't hold anything back. This is a dark and violent novel that clearly shows that the Sisters did their homework and have written a novel that grabs you by the nuts and gives them a hearty squeeze. Clearly, this will no doubt please even the most jaded horror fan that thinks that there aren't any original ideas left in horror. Mayan Blue is the shot in the arm that we all needed.

      This is one of my favorite horror novels. It's dark, and gritty, and best of all it's well written. This is going to be one those horror novels that people are going to talk about and no doubt place high on their end of the year list of the best horror novels. If you haven't heard of Michelle and Melissa you will soon. Mayan Blue widens the blazing path that their short stories have already started. As a writer I'm scared of these women because they're so damn good. Mayan Blue offers horror fans a fresh idea that captures the imagination. One hell of a debut and one you should pre-order immediately.