Just Another Week In Suburbia - Les Zig 5/5

      I received a copy of Suburbia from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

       As I sit here trying to figure out my review, all I can say is this is a must read. It's anything but a typical week anywhere, and to think this all started over a condom that fell out a woman's purse. It's the catalyst for everything that suddenly goes wrong in Casper's life. This a meek man who slowly sees his entire life slipping away from him, and there's no way to stop the slide. It's more than just obsession that fuels Zig's novel. It's also how we see things, or even don't see them. Throughout the novel we see bits and pieces of just how much of a failure Casper is. The wall in the backyard, his dog who always seems to slip under the fence to irritate the neighbor, and even his own marriage.

      It's a powerful novel that bristles with intelligence, and black humor. Once you read it, there's no way to simply stop. Casper is an interesting character, but he's also not very strong emotionally. It's these failures that keep piling up, but this is who he is, and who knows, maybe deep down he knows this as well. This is a week no one would should ever endure, but it's the realism that makes this so readable. Any one of us could end up like Casper, and some one reading this can identify with Casper because they see themselves as this character. It's the reality of it all that makes it so good. Zig is a talented writer that not only places us inside the story, but things derail so quickly there's no time to prepare for it. It's not a feel good story, but this is what makes it so good.

      Each character feels real, each situation has a feeling of uncertainty to it. We expect things to work out, and we expect the author to give us a nice warm ending. Just Another Week In Suburbia isn't like most novels. It's a dark, gritty read that explores the dark side of human nature. For some it may come across as bleak, or even hopeless, but that's exactly what I loved about it. Sometimes it's the books you don't expect to make an impact that do. Zig is a writer who seems to be pouring his soul into each chapter, the story is well written and goes places you don't expect. As Casper begins to fall apart there's no way to stop it. It's an engrossing novel, and one that leaves a lasting impression.

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