Stealing Propeller Hats From The Dead

     Stealing Propeller Hats From The Dead - David James Keaton 3/5


   I received Propeller Hats from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and I felt at times that this was exactly what the zombie genre needed. Keaton takes a dark sense of humor and injects it right into his new book. No matter what you call it, be it spoof, or homage to the zombie genre it's a pretty decent book. Keaton is a talented writer that knows that zombie genre is the perfect genre to make fun of. Each of these stories take the genre in a new and interesting direction. These zombies aren't what you're expecting and that's why this book is so good.

   Keaton is obviously a fan and that's why this works as well as it does. We all watch whatever zombie film we can get our hands on because nothing excites us more than the undead. Keaton shows us that it's okay to take the piss to the genre because it's an easy target. We know the various scenarios and we all have a zombie plan in our heads just in case a zombie outbreak occurs. We love zombies even when we're laughing at them or cheering them on as they attack a lost group of survivors.

     Some of the best stories here are Greenhorns which is not only a zombie spoof but a pretty demented version of World's Deadliest Catch, Three Days Without Water, and my favorite the novella Zee Bee And Bee which you just have to read because a synopsis just doesn't do it justice. There are some that are just okay, but as a collection it isn't terrible. I like Keaton's writing style as well as his attempt to inject something new into the bloated zombie genre. If you're a fan of horror comedy you should give this a chance because it does at times make you feel as if your watching a really cheesy B-horror movie. It's funny as hell and entertaining to boot.

    The link to Amazon only shows that the book is out of stock, but fear not this bad boy will be released on the 1st of October so hold onto this link and grab this sucker the second it comes out.


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